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A Precious experience

This is the second day of a training for English teachers from various school in Pontianak.
It was fun that yesterday we were just like reversed back to childhood
We're involved in many kinds of games we can play with the students.
I was reminded of one thing that's very indeed important in teaching, that is the students should be made enjoyful and happy before they are drowned in the main material.
What is in the most of the teachers' head? Well, this page won't be wide enough to describe it.
I will not forget a very valuable session in this training, an experience of one of the trainee when she was a senior high school English teacher.
The way she told us was very emotional and moving. I can say that when all of us here were listening to her, we became so easily realized the things that we should do as teachers, especially when facing the senior high school students.

She was so young back then, about ten years ago, more or less. She was placed in a private school as an English teacher. The first time she came to the class was quite a shocking, annoying day. she faced a big and uncontrolled class of teenagers. 40 students at that time.
You can guess what happened then. She talked to the principle, she gave up, she couldn't handle them anymore.
Lucky her that she then met her friends, a teacher too. She got some suggestions on how to face the students.
One day, she started to approached a student of the class in which she was teaching. When she felt that they were closed enough, she tried to talk to this girl, the student he succeeded to approach. She told her about how she felt so desperate and almost hopeless every time she came to the class.
The next day, the girl brought some of her classmates to meet her. They talked about many things. The students told her about how they felt so bored with her class,they found the class was so useless and unworthy since they thought that they got nothing but uninteresting talking teacher. She was so offended and sad, almost frustrated to hear that from her students. But that's the way it is, She then realized about herself, "It doesn't always feel good to hear the truth" she told herself.

what's next?
She asked this students on how she should behave to make them interested. They were really helpful when they gave a solution. They suggested her that whenever she started the class, She should divide the class into some groups. The helping students then will spread into each groups to take a role as controller and teacher assistant.
She did what her students have suggested in the next meeting.
She had made preparation a week or two before she came to the class. she made lesson plans and she gave them to the groups.
She tried to be open to everyone in the class. She started to be their friends although at certain moments she should strictly place herself as the teacher.

everything then was so easy.

I can conclude that things regarding the students are all about communication and placement.

Well, I thing this is a very precious experience to share.


lisa said... is something that we should put in our lesson in every class to make the students interesting. but sometimes i feel that my heart is not in the mood to make some fun condition. thanks for commenting in my blog.

lisa al Fath said...

yup..that's the problem..we're not always in a good mood :)

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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