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Somebody that I used to know,
She's a woman
She's smart
but She's just indifferent 

She had that kind of thing you call 'experience is the best teacher ever' 
that she met a guy 

that guy I used to know as well 
He's a man 
He's smart 
He's good looking 
but He's -infact- just indifferent 

He had that kind of thing you call 'impressed' 
that he admitted 

They had that kind of thing you call 'promises' 
that they will make them someday somehow come true
but they're just indifferent

'I Give up' he said
'I won't take you back' she said 

but she's indifferent, 
she's been always indifferent
those promises are things she's longing for 

but He's indifferent, in the way that man -however- needs a mate for his life 
'give up' he said means another new one he's longing for

he'd get married 
she'd get along in difference

There they are, indifferent in their own way
and I'm just longing for how the story ends
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Book Collector

How many hours you spend to read books a day?

not more than one hour I bet

How many books have you already had?

Well, if you read books for not more than one hour a day and you have more than 100 books already then you can call yourself a book collector pucca_love_14

the truth is..
that I am indeed also a book collector pucca_love_15 I just want to tell you how it's very hard for me now to manage the time. I really need a new strategy to finish all the books. My brain starts to scream and it's crying for help pucca_love_16
It didn't get enough food this month.
And it's coming to alert:like this --> venere

Nb: the pic was taken from here
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My inspiration

Tonight I'm going to tell you about someone who has changed and reformed me so extremely progressive..
Perhaps most of you in Indonesia have heard about her..her amazing life..and her wondrous death..

Well, I don't mind if you want to leave this page now.. pucca_love_06

But I'm really serious this time..
Indeed, totally seriously serious..
So I say again
It's okay if you leave this page right at this momentkakashifull

It's about her
I told you to leave this page..brosse

Okay..let's get seriously serious again.
Have you heard about her?

It is the first time for me to meet a child who has a noble idea for his future.. to be a da'i
He wishes to carry on what his mother had worked hard for during her entire life until she passed away last Saturday, 2 weeks ago. This child has been educated so greatly by his mother, as well as other 12 of her children.
Really, this is the first time.

I just can't deny the existence of some facts that happened and still happen to some daiyah family, which unfortunately, their own children refused to follow through their parents' way just because some reasons such as being too busy to care for the children, that they feel so less of attention of their own parents.

This is the first time I know, that this amazing woman had so gloriously high of dream and she amazingly could have reached it perfectly.

That is why I call this woman as perfectly beautiful woman.pucca_love_08

I want to be like her pucca_love_12

here I will list some things she had done wholeheartedly and the precious thing she had left:

1. She had 13 children, Some of them are hafidz, smart, and independent. Each of them know their mother very well, and All of them realize..that they -as well as we- are on mission. They understand very well, that they should keep the mission on.

2. She had ever been awarded International Muslim Woman Union in 2000 and 2003

3. She was a member of legislative, military concern commission and still had time to memorize more or less 500 hadits

4. She -as well as her husband- had a minimum target of tilawah a day, that is,
3 Juz of Al Qur'an! can you imagine? 3 Juz! what about you?

5. She had ever infiltrated Gaza twice

6. She was a responsible daughter towards her parents. She was superbusy, but however, she tried to spare one special time to visit her parents and give them monthly needs of food

7. She kept memorizing Qur'an wherever and whenever she can

8. afterall, she still wondered whether she deserved a place to meet the glorious shahabiyah, the asabiqunal Awwalun - while I thought, she, indeed, deserves it. (aamiin pucca_love_11)

Well, I can't explain in detail here. If you want to know more about her, please do access:
- people's testimony about her
- her blog
- her son

Okay then, Hopefully useful for you

keep spirit !! clapclap I want to be as energetic and simple as herpucca_love_17
I think we have one thing in common ..
We both like pink!

regarding this one, I don't have anything to compare yet pucca_love_16
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A promise

Here is a conversation that happened between me and my close friend-I have forgotten the exact date, it's about a year ago..let's say this friend is hereafter be called CF (Close friend), and me LA (Lisa Alfathok)

CF: sist, are you going to get married?

LA: Of course!

CF: wew, have you met the man of your choice?

LA: Hmm..not yet

CF: Well, if you've met him, I suggest you to marry him

LA: chocwhat do you mean? I can't be the first one to's so embarrasingpucca_love_15

CF: why not? Please forgive me my sist, but I ever heard Ustadz said that if a woman feels so certain of one man, it is okay for her to ask him in the first place

LA: hh..I don't know.. I just feel like it's not supposed to be that way..question

-the end-
Note: not every words is perfectly the same with the real conversation, I can't remember every of them

Well, at that time I was really thinking of what my friend had said. My heart said that maybe that's right, but on the other hand, It's very hard to face the chance that if the woman's proposal could be just refused- will all the possible excuses of course (Man!)pucca_love_12

but today.. I keep wondering.. If only I asked my closed friend-him-

if only I asked him.. "what would you say if I ask you?"

pucca_love_03 but I thought this question is just a joke pucca_love_06 don't take it seriously

pic source:
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I've tried to track-->since when I've been a twitterlander..since 2009 I thought. unimportant though zzz
well, I've decided that twitter is so much more useful than facebook, to let you know, both have different function.
In twitterland you can find many inspiring people, and..well, you can voluntarily be their follower, but luckily cannot force them to follow you brosse
simple news can be updated..

why this writing is getting boring..?pucca_love_14

some popular twitterlanders are very mysterious. Tweeting on politics, which confusing me, how can they know such info which-I thought- quiet confidential. But, I can't deny, Those people are really smart and critical, this is good for people are growing and show up to contribute..many things desperately need to be repaired in this country.

Here you can also find some people who can just voluntarily donate some money..
hihi..what for?

that is, to help the person he follow to be able to keep tweeting..pucca_love_10

well, I think that's all..perhaps next time we'll be able to talk about this twitterstuff again.

don't forget, follow me @bu_lisa pucca_love_13
If you do, please don't hesitate to mention me with this format: Hi, it's your blog visitor
just to let me know that it's you victoire
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Lovely Blog award

heuheu...what should I say?
As far as I remembered, this is the first time I'm being awarded.pucca_love_10
Thanks to Mrs Achie, hehe..
well, this has been the first time becoz..well, I write quite seldom. Just don't know what to write.
However, let's celebrate this!
hip..hip.. horraaaay..!clapclap
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horsing around

right now should have been the time for me to make a speech for my students.
but..hh.. pucca_love_16 I just don't know why I feel so lazy
I should tell you an important event I had yesterday. I guided a short seminar of Mr Cary Chappell in SMA N 2 Pontianak.
We really had a great time with the students. I just wonder if we can meet again next time, or whether he will remember me again with my name. Well, He has many students to remember pucca_love_08
The students looked excited too.
But the most important is, that the principle started to trust us again as his partner.

hmm...well..well..well.. what could I say pucca_love_03
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A Precious experience

This is the second day of a training for English teachers from various school in Pontianak.
It was fun that yesterday we were just like reversed back to childhood
We're involved in many kinds of games we can play with the students.
I was reminded of one thing that's very indeed important in teaching, that is the students should be made enjoyful and happy before they are drowned in the main material.
What is in the most of the teachers' head? Well, this page won't be wide enough to describe it.
I will not forget a very valuable session in this training, an experience of one of the trainee when she was a senior high school English teacher.
The way she told us was very emotional and moving. I can say that when all of us here were listening to her, we became so easily realized the things that we should do as teachers, especially when facing the senior high school students.

She was so young back then, about ten years ago, more or less. She was placed in a private school as an English teacher. The first time she came to the class was quite a shocking, annoying day. she faced a big and uncontrolled class of teenagers. 40 students at that time.
You can guess what happened then. She talked to the principle, she gave up, she couldn't handle them anymore.
Lucky her that she then met her friends, a teacher too. She got some suggestions on how to face the students.
One day, she started to approached a student of the class in which she was teaching. When she felt that they were closed enough, she tried to talk to this girl, the student he succeeded to approach. She told her about how she felt so desperate and almost hopeless every time she came to the class.
The next day, the girl brought some of her classmates to meet her. They talked about many things. The students told her about how they felt so bored with her class,they found the class was so useless and unworthy since they thought that they got nothing but uninteresting talking teacher. She was so offended and sad, almost frustrated to hear that from her students. But that's the way it is, She then realized about herself, "It doesn't always feel good to hear the truth" she told herself.

what's next?
She asked this students on how she should behave to make them interested. They were really helpful when they gave a solution. They suggested her that whenever she started the class, She should divide the class into some groups. The helping students then will spread into each groups to take a role as controller and teacher assistant.
She did what her students have suggested in the next meeting.
She had made preparation a week or two before she came to the class. she made lesson plans and she gave them to the groups.
She tried to be open to everyone in the class. She started to be their friends although at certain moments she should strictly place herself as the teacher.

everything then was so easy.

I can conclude that things regarding the students are all about communication and placement.

Well, I thing this is a very precious experience to share.
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change: yes I can

Not to imitate one of many popular statements of one of some popular presidents of America.
Just lately my will to renew and reformat my life has been accumulating that I feel something's gonna explode off my mind.
Those things spread in my head just seem to be hardly manageable that I don't know where to start.
Write, write, and write. I think I've known the best solution.
One ever said "We actually indeed know what we have to do to make all things better, we just never start to start"
yeah..yeah.. once more,to answer the question "how to start" is as difficult as to answer the question "why don't you just start?"'s just some noise..
so now what?
start now then!
Of course I can!
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^_^a long time...

Reviewing my life, it's been 23 years 9 months, 17 days, more or less...yeah..this life has gone through that long time

this week i have received two news of people passing away. I'm not sad, those of people i don't's just i imagine that one of those persons could have been me

however, I miss Lord

photo from:

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