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horsing around

right now should have been the time for me to make a speech for my students.
but..hh.. pucca_love_16 I just don't know why I feel so lazy
I should tell you an important event I had yesterday. I guided a short seminar of Mr Cary Chappell in SMA N 2 Pontianak.
We really had a great time with the students. I just wonder if we can meet again next time, or whether he will remember me again with my name. Well, He has many students to remember pucca_love_08
The students looked excited too.
But the most important is, that the principle started to trust us again as his partner.

hmm...well..well..well.. what could I say pucca_love_03


:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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