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In the 22nd years of my life

Lately I remembered what has been said by one of my sisters, that blog is not supposed to be considered as a place to tell people about yourself only. To be honest, that's one of many reasons why I became so lazy to post something here. I can't help to write about myself, though I know it's not suggested, so I stopped writing, for a while.

uMMm, ...

As what I've stated in the title, I'm 22 years old now. Recently, I tried to remember, rewind my memory and tried to flashback my life in the latest four or five years. The first time I knew Liqoat or Tarbiyah and the 'journey' that it takes me to until now.

I can't Imagine if I've chosen to not attend my first meeting with a sister who then has changed my life. If only I decided to refuse to accompany my friend to meet a sister (who then became my first MR/Religion advisor or whatever the term is). It was so simple that I didn't realize how that day has brought my life to this line, right to this point.

Remembering my friend (who has introduced me to that sister) has made such a 'terrible' mistake that it drove her to a situation where she can't keep to be in this line with me. Sometimes I think it's unfair, but backthen I know, no matter how long you've been involved in the world of tarbiyah, it won't guarantee that you'll be staying here longer that others. You have no options but to be chosen to stay or fail and leave the way..

it's a wonder that makes you laugh and cry in the same time..

in the 22nd years of my life, I have to make decisions. in every seconds we do. We just don't know which second will change our life..

p.s. perhaps some terms will only be understood by liqoers only


thekupu said...

nice term: liqoers :o

and other term: 'the line' :)) **I believe that might be come from one of the active blogger in town** :))

anyway, I am 22nd too this 22nd of this month :D have you been ready with the gift for me? u should.. hehe

for the statement "blog is not supposed to be considered as a place to tell people about yourself only" I dont know which sister of yours stated so **but I feel it comes from me** :p that would be much oke if u would like to make ur blog as the shelter to tell really truly totall yourself, as what I am doing in my my second shelter

or, if u are too busy to handle on other blog, *as handling this one seems to be too hard for you :p* then why don't u make special label for every single post u write? That's what I am doing in my primary shelter. For everything that I think, dominated by my feeling, I labeled it: muara.hatikupu

So, no more reason to be lazy in writing, coz writing means we make our brain works effectively after having experience or after reading things.

at least, that's in my very own point of view ;)

thekupu said...

okeh... to make my comment is as long as your post, let me add one more paragraph gyehehe...

u know, "It was so simple that I didn't realize how that day has brought my life to this line, right to this point" is the most agreeable statement which is also taken place in my very wonderful life. Once I was 'out' from the line, then coz I believe Allah considers that I am special enough to have tarbiyah, then I take the chance to get back, and here I am, in this so-called rait line :) Here WE ARE... together.

thekupu said...

"...the rait lain.." is called pemerkosaan bahasa :p --> melet lagih kikikik.

heri koesnadi said...

seems your life is not different from me. At 6 semester i decided to meet a man who will be my murobi. So know i've been liqoer too. He..He.. Selamat milad...

Lisa Al Fath said...

alhamdulillah..ternyata heri liqoer juga? semoga tetap istiqomah dalam kebaikan.. ^_^b

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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