Toko Muslimah Cantik

under the rain

I'm crying under the rain,
there I'm thinking of what has gone,
I wonder and realize again,
O my love, you left alone..

I'm crying under the rain,
there I'm asking of what is wrong,
just tell myself to not drown in pain,
I'll let my life to keep going on..

rain, rain, rain, I'm not insane,
I'm just running from a refrain,
insist me to stop what I began,
so let me cry in you until I end..

rain you know what I wish then?
God may decide it after I pray,
He'll let him be with me in recent lane,
or leave me here and take him away,

I'm crying under the rain again,
He put me and him in apart,
I came to know He wanted me to defend,
this is the answer to my heart,
Now I just have to disclaim,
won't let myself be coward,
I believe He'd show me in arcane,
my prince would come when time is right.


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