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17 Years

I was a bit surprised when I found this note, made by one of my teachers. He wrote: "if we live for 60 years (as general people would live), how long would we spend for sleeping, studying, watching TV, and other small unnecessary things?
let's see...

sleeping for 8 hours = 8 hours/24 hours x 60 years = 20 years (can you imagine? we sleep for 20 years!)

studying at school = 8 hours/ 24 hours x 12 years = 4 years

watching TV since 10 years = 4 hours/24 hours x 50 years = 8.3 years

higher study = 4 hours/24 hours x 4 years = 0.7 years

small stuffs = 4 hours/24 hours x 60 years = 10 years

see how long our life truly is.. 60 (years of life) - 20 (years of sleeping) - 4 (years of studying) - 8.3 (years of watching TV) - 0.7 (years of higher study) - 10 (years of small stuffs) = 17 years!!

we only live for 17 years!

all of these are minimum standard that most people generally do.. you can count by yourself if you allocate some of your time for playing games and extra sleep..

well, it's all up to us for the things we do in our time..just remember guys.. it IS true..that life is so short..

make it count!


thekupu said...

nah, makanya jangan kebanyakan mesbuk n ngeblog

*nyinder diri sorang*

Lisa Al Fath said...

ha...iyeh..itu adalah kata2 yang tersimpan dibenak kk..takot nak ngeluarkan..saket kalo tersindir sorang..hehehe T_T

raksaka said...

me... sleep maximum 5 hours a day :D so InyaAllah I life longer than ordinary? :lol:

Lisa Al Fath said...

YUP!!That's great, you can do more things..!! :)

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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