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'Alienated' Femmes

It feels like I've been slapped so hard.

A brother (he might read this post, anyway, thank you for 'slapping' me),
he reminded us again, as his sisters,

about how to behave as a muslimah..
about how we'd be better if not to expose ourselves with perfumes..
about how speaking firmly would keep the pride as femmes..
about how important for us to preserve the limits of relationship with the gents..

I just realized how most of us, the femmes of Islam have left these values behind..
We laugh as loud as the mouth can open up,
We smile astonishingly just to impress everyone who sees us, ignoring how some of our brothers might emerge a fanciful feelings in their hearts..

aaaaargh..! you still remember? our Prophet told us, most of the hell inmates are women..

One of my brothers said.."It's okay if you try to be firm towards problem if they think you're long as you do that on the name of preserving your pride as femmes of Islam.."

thanks akh Kan
May Allah always bless you wherever you are
shared by wawa
jazakumullah khairan katsiran


thekupu said...

he told me: "orang yang beriman akan senantiasa bermuhasabah diri ^_^" and we are...

there's one other thing more important than merely what you wrote *in my thought, of course.. so correct me if Im wrong ;)* it is a very precious gift from Allah called: HEART... When we have no power to keep it ourself, ALLAH must do that in His very greatest way ^_^

thing that I still believe when reading this post:

"Bukan di mana kita berada yang menentukan siapa diri kita,
tapi pilihan kitalah yang menentukan siapa diri kita."

as I've mentioned here, here, and hereso much nice to share, sister :)

Lisa Al Fath said...

yup!the journey to find ourselves is not easy..stumble and fall..need a huge courage to stand up and go on..
may Allah always guide our heart..

heri koesnadi said...

Uh... really not free.... but do the best that you can do

lilliperry said...

may Allah always guide our heart... (nice..)

aku suka bagian itu.. :)

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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