Toko Muslimah Cantik

on my mind


so-so/Stay at home, see nothing but a square flat screen box

happy/ gonna see my friends in a meeting

uneasy/ thinking of my lecturer who's super busy, he gets me more dizzy with the thesis turns my eyes to grizzly

curious/ wondering what's on some of my pals' mind

enthusiastic/ involved in a team of power rangers, but we're only four, we miss the black ranger, ugh!

pissed off/ being critizied more often lately, showing how I'm having 'deflation'..aaargh..!

confused/ to let go a precious chance, but it's bad anyway, who cares..leave it alone!

jealous/ people are getting better!I must raise myself UP!!

bad/ still have a difficult homework from my teacher..last meeting was a shocking meeting, a friend of mine suddenly got angry at me,, dunno why, something wrong?? aargh.. some things are going wrong, that's life! you just have to fix it! eat up that anger!

stuck/ just dunno what to write..

say something..!


thekupu said...

"jealous/ people are getting better!I must raise myself UP!!"

what a very nice jealousy, ;)

"stuck/ just dunno what to write.."

happen in some crunchy big cities, anyway :D

well, I say many things, already. Wrap it up into a white caklet then send to me one, ya sist hehe...

pelukismakna said...

nyang benar nyang mane sih honesty aw honestly aw memang punye makna masing2

Lisa Al Fath said...

honesty tu noun (kt benda) artinye kejujuran...while honestly tu adv (keterangan) artinye dengan jujur..gitu be...

honesty is important (bukan honestly is important)

tell me honestly..!

hmm..smoge pelajaran yang singkat ni bise dimengerti.. ^_^v

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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