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At that night I was so angry at my friend. He forgot our appointment to have a meeting in the afternoon. So I sent him an email. Telling how we had come to his house and didn't find him there. I was so disappointed, it's been always difficult for us to set up a schedule for the meeting, so it'll be more difficult to have another schedule to replace it.

I was 'satisfied' that I had wreaked my anger by saritizing him "how could a rain of water have prevented you from coming to the appointment!" I said..

I don't know why.. at that time.., when I was so emotional, I heard my heart said, that I would feel sorry for saying that. In fact, everytime I scold him (yeah, I often do that), I always find myself as the one who misunderstands, the one who gets him wrong.

and guess how he reacted. He just said "yeah.."
that's all!

We finally met each other this morning.
I was a little calm, still I felt, I was all correct with all the indiscipline attitude he made another day..

He started to explain. Some points, such as how he had had gained some information, how he has fully attended his responsibility, the duties that we had divided for each of us in the previous meeting,

how he had (also) done the duties that should have been done by me..
hhh..This time, like all the time before,
He took all the responsibility, that made me say to myself "wait a moment...!"
I just realized and wondered "where have I been all the time?How could I forget that!"

His small mistake for not coming yesterday had made me mad. It was a little mistake in fact.

However, he (again) reminded me for always telling him if he makes mistake, and show him the way if he's wrong,
but I thought as if it was all about me.

I feel so guilty till the moment I write this..
I'm sorry my friend..really sorry..


thekupu said...

Have you had him read this post, by the way? It will be much better when telling him frankly and directly about what you felt *and feel, maybe* about the previous moment happen between you and him...

*ahaha, sounds so mature me? :s*

Lisa Al Fath said...

aha...unfortunately he can't understand it *the language I mean* well, maybe a little..
However, I'll try to tell him.. :) what a mature it really you??

lilliperry said...

indahnya persahabatan kalo saling memaafkan..
aku komen pake bahasa Indonesia aja.. hahaha

Lisa Al Fath said...

yak...persahabatan bagai kepompong..*pake nada sindentosca*

thekupu said...

didn't I tell you that I have been mature since I was born :p

*yaiy, childishnya keluarg lageh* :f

Lisa Al Fath said...

:@ hmm..what could I say..

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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