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Tonight I'm going to tell you about someone who has changed and reformed me so extremely progressive..
Perhaps most of you in Indonesia have heard about her..her amazing life..and her wondrous death..

Well, I don't mind if you want to leave this page now.. pucca_love_06

But I'm really serious this time..
Indeed, totally seriously serious..
So I say again
It's okay if you leave this page right at this momentkakashifull

It's about her
I told you to leave this page..brosse

Okay..let's get seriously serious again.
Have you heard about her?

It is the first time for me to meet a child who has a noble idea for his future.. to be a da'i
He wishes to carry on what his mother had worked hard for during her entire life until she passed away last Saturday, 2 weeks ago. This child has been educated so greatly by his mother, as well as other 12 of her children.
Really, this is the first time.

I just can't deny the existence of some facts that happened and still happen to some daiyah family, which unfortunately, their own children refused to follow through their parents' way just because some reasons such as being too busy to care for the children, that they feel so less of attention of their own parents.

This is the first time I know, that this amazing woman had so gloriously high of dream and she amazingly could have reached it perfectly.

That is why I call this woman as perfectly beautiful woman.pucca_love_08

I want to be like her pucca_love_12

here I will list some things she had done wholeheartedly and the precious thing she had left:

1. She had 13 children, Some of them are hafidz, smart, and independent. Each of them know their mother very well, and All of them realize..that they -as well as we- are on mission. They understand very well, that they should keep the mission on.

2. She had ever been awarded International Muslim Woman Union in 2000 and 2003

3. She was a member of legislative, military concern commission and still had time to memorize more or less 500 hadits

4. She -as well as her husband- had a minimum target of tilawah a day, that is,
3 Juz of Al Qur'an! can you imagine? 3 Juz! what about you?

5. She had ever infiltrated Gaza twice

6. She was a responsible daughter towards her parents. She was superbusy, but however, she tried to spare one special time to visit her parents and give them monthly needs of food

7. She kept memorizing Qur'an wherever and whenever she can

8. afterall, she still wondered whether she deserved a place to meet the glorious shahabiyah, the asabiqunal Awwalun - while I thought, she, indeed, deserves it. (aamiin pucca_love_11)

Well, I can't explain in detail here. If you want to know more about her, please do access:
- people's testimony about her
- her blog
- her son

Okay then, Hopefully useful for you

keep spirit !! clapclap I want to be as energetic and simple as herpucca_love_17
I think we have one thing in common ..
We both like pink!

regarding this one, I don't have anything to compare yet pucca_love_16


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