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A promise

Here is a conversation that happened between me and my close friend-I have forgotten the exact date, it's about a year ago..let's say this friend is hereafter be called CF (Close friend), and me LA (Lisa Alfathok)

CF: sist, are you going to get married?

LA: Of course!

CF: wew, have you met the man of your choice?

LA: Hmm..not yet

CF: Well, if you've met him, I suggest you to marry him

LA: chocwhat do you mean? I can't be the first one to's so embarrasingpucca_love_15

CF: why not? Please forgive me my sist, but I ever heard Ustadz said that if a woman feels so certain of one man, it is okay for her to ask him in the first place

LA: hh..I don't know.. I just feel like it's not supposed to be that way..question

-the end-
Note: not every words is perfectly the same with the real conversation, I can't remember every of them

Well, at that time I was really thinking of what my friend had said. My heart said that maybe that's right, but on the other hand, It's very hard to face the chance that if the woman's proposal could be just refused- will all the possible excuses of course (Man!)pucca_love_12

but today.. I keep wondering.. If only I asked my closed friend-him-

if only I asked him.. "what would you say if I ask you?"

pucca_love_03 but I thought this question is just a joke pucca_love_06 don't take it seriously

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yetilismani said...

my close friend have asked me to do that thing to.
but, i refuse it.

heeem... but, i've ever met an amaging woman/ akhwat in Pontianak.
She proposed an ikhwan first... as you know when she did that, she knew that her proposal could be refused by that ikhwan. but she still did that..

unfortunately, when the process began, the man passed away...

but, i give 100 thumbs for her brave/courage

Lisa Al Fath said... inspiring kak ^_^

now, I've been thinking. I agree with my close friend, that, it's okay for woman to ask first.
the most important thing is, that the process should be kept syar'i

So, there is no reason for us to refuse to do that, just discuss it with Allah in the first place, Istikharah ^_^

yetilismani said...

but, i won't do that..
i'm still an eastern woman..

what do the words mean??/

Lisa Al Fath said...

hmm.. It depends on your condition actually.

Me myself..
I will do that if the deadline of the proposal I proposed has reached the limit time I have determined

I'm considering that I have plans and missions until I get to my highest dream, I just don't want this personal thing detains my bigger dream ^_^

See..everyone has their own consideration

thekupu said...

Aw aw awwww it reminds me to Bunda Khadijah who was the one asked first :D

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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