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I've tried to track-->since when I've been a twitterlander..since 2009 I thought. unimportant though zzz
well, I've decided that twitter is so much more useful than facebook, to let you know, both have different function.
In twitterland you can find many inspiring people, and..well, you can voluntarily be their follower, but luckily cannot force them to follow you brosse
simple news can be updated..

why this writing is getting boring..?pucca_love_14

some popular twitterlanders are very mysterious. Tweeting on politics, which confusing me, how can they know such info which-I thought- quiet confidential. But, I can't deny, Those people are really smart and critical, this is good for people are growing and show up to contribute..many things desperately need to be repaired in this country.

Here you can also find some people who can just voluntarily donate some money..
hihi..what for?

that is, to help the person he follow to be able to keep tweeting..pucca_love_10

well, I think that's all..perhaps next time we'll be able to talk about this twitterstuff again.

don't forget, follow me @bu_lisa pucca_love_13
If you do, please don't hesitate to mention me with this format: Hi, it's your blog visitor
just to let me know that it's you victoire


yetilismani said...

but i've forgot my password of my twitter. ^^

Lisa Al Fath said...

hah kakak.. -_-a kok bisa lupa..

thekupu said...

Just 2 months ago I finally decided to get my early retired from twitland huehehe.. The reason? Aaaah I think I'm gonna elaborate it one day in my blog :p

*skalian promo*

dinikopi said...

Aku juga sempat nulis ini lho kakak, silahkan berkunjung :D

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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