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The Extremist

haha..what comes first to your mind when you hear the word 'extremist'..?
If you are part of general people, then 'Islam' would be the first word to be collocated with this word..
yeah..yeah..I know..! and you would agree with me that today these two words have been so well known..a sweet bloody couple..hmm..

I just borrowed a good book from a friend of mine. Crude Understanding of Disbelief written by an Islamic scientist, Harun Yahya. Well, I couldn't say that this book is especially intended for the disbelief, I thought we, who claim ourselves as the belief should also read this book because it's not impossible that what we claimed is implicitly wrong, we preceive ourselves incorrectly.

Let me introduce you to the word of Jahiliyah. It's an arabic word means uneducated, illiterate, and impolite or uncivilized. It's quite different from what Qur'an means by the word jahiliyah.

Previously, the people who lived before Quran and Muhammad came, were considered as Jahiliyah Society, not because of their uncivilized behavior, no, those people were rich, they could read well, and they were smart and educated. One thing is, that they didn't know the real intention of their creation, why were they created and what consequences they have to responsible for in the life after death. Harun Yahya calls this as the extreme form of Jahiliyah.

I was quite surprised when I read it. The term 'extreme jahiliyah' has wider and general range of meaning. I call the people as extremists.

hmm.. It forced me to contemplate a little.
We could ask ourselves then, Do we know who our creator is? His typical characteristics, what He likes and doesn't..and after we know all that, ask again, do we really care about that, Do we really want to keep everything that we do, stick to the principle, that is, to fullfil what he demands and wants from us, back to the basic purpose of why we were created.

What I've stated above is the main question that we must answer and subsequently, we can find ourselves whether we are the real ummah of Muhammad or we still part of the extremist..

Harun Yahya insists, no matter how many books we've read, how many foreign languages we have mastered, how modern our style is, or how western we are, those things will not and can not be able to cover our jahiliyah and our extremeness..

Now.. answer it to yourself..are you an extremist..?


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