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trend akhwat

Akhwat, I define it as a calling for a mover woman, a moslem woman who's bright, who fights for what she believes.
Lately I see some strange phenomenon or trends..err..or symptom I should say, coz it's closer to a sickness I thought, which happen to some akhwats. They are so fond of showing off their face through their photoes in internet..hmm..I admitted that I've ever done it, but I realized, it's a mistake..

Do you know, or do you remember, former akhwats were really aware of how they should take care of their izzah, pride. Even if a photo of theirs were slipped and fell accidentally, they would be panic and worried, they would hastily keep it safe and away from a creature called ikhwan. They saw it as a worthy and precious thing that they wouldn't want to show it to any ikhwan but him who will be their husband.

Back then I see some akhwats are so easily eager to let people know how good they are in a photo, how beauuuutiful their face and how cute their smiles.

I don't know who is wrong or what..? is it the time which is false? is today is the time for akhwats to do some sale for their photoes? or it is the akhwat herself who has lost her izzah, her pride, that she just gives away and display their photoes anywhere she wants and she can..

hope I would and will always stick to what I believe if it's right, and may God show me the way if I'm wrong..


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