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I Love You...

I'm looking for the perfect way to prove a love. I just couldn't understand how Imam Malik could spend his day with 60 times finishing reciting Quran. But then I found out, "Oo..that's the power of love..!!" I exclaimed to myself. Though I still can't find the logical way to imitate him, he had memorized the whole content of Quran, that would help much I thought! But me?? Hmm... what could I expect, I haven't even finishied the 3 juz of it! too bad..

I was impressed by what Abu Bakr did in the night he and Rasulullah escaped Makkah. He was so careful, bearing his pain from having been bitten by a snake. He was so pale when Rasulullah finally woke up from his lap. Rasulullah was so surprised seeing his condition, but what Abu Bakr answered when Rasulullah questioned why he did that..? He just said "I was so worried that I would wake you up, ya Rasulullah.." that must be the power of love..!

what could move a non moeslem to come to a masjid and touched by the voice of azan? that must be the power of love! yes! Do you still remember? a fact that everyone of us was asked to swear to Allah, right before we were born to this world, and we swore, we promised, we also witnessed, that Allah is the only God, no God before or after Him.. do you still remember?
I guess everyone, to be honest, deep down will feel so peacefull whenever they hear the voice of Quran recited. That's the power of love.

Allah loves us, more than a mother who loves her son.
So, whatever you feel, whatever you did.. just get back to Allah..He loves you unlimitedly..


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