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It's been a year already! Our family has opened a cyber using a room which used to be our garage. since then, every day and night our house is full of noise. hmm...I've lost my quiet moment in this house :(

However, I was so glad thinking that we were going to open a cyber, remembering I really need the internet to browse materials for my thesis and others.. so every night, I keep.. *saykoji mode on :P

But lately I realized, this cyber is infact not only for browsing, but also for online game. Deep down, and actually, to be honest and frankly I say: I do not agree..!!

I remember, I've ever watched a talkshow on tv. Talking about a kid, in philipine or...err..Thailand..?? I forgot!! the point is, that kid killed/shot a pedicab worker just because he was imagining himself as one of characters he always played in one of online games. That's horrible! I meant, that's the worst effect of too much playing online games!

The main speaker in the talkshow said, some games, which involve the player to do hunting, shooting each other, will implicitly and slowly form a mental impression in the players' mind. And the worst is, the player will bring his imagination into reality. He wants to act and feel like what he feels everytime he takes the role in the games. So, every parent must watched what games their kids usually play, prevent the war games or any games that may emerge the instinct to kill..hmm..

Back then I started to think, what could a game like 'ayo dance' do to the players' mental..?? hmm.. can you imagine..?


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