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Open one's Mind

To change something you've hold for a long time is not easy. I've been always thinking that everyone must have their own reason to do something and it may be deeply influenced by what they believe and how strong they hold what they believe.
I want to talk about a world of tarbiyah. Education in arabic term, but for me it has some specification which general education in our term doesn't have..

However, eventhough I've been involved in the world of tarbiyah for almost five years, I realized it just in recent time that tarbiyah is an art, an art of influencing people, an art of transforming one's thinking style to a real moslem way of thinking. Trust me, you will indeed understand how this mean is working when you actively take in role as Murabbi.

It always comes to my mind whenever I see some young girls at the school where I was asked to be mentor, girls now are so badly different from the girls generally in my era. It's more challenging I thought, we as murabbi have to fight against hedonism and their ignorance towards their own religion. I just really realized how the friction of the right value has happened and how it has successfully changed and formed the way of thinking of teenagers nowadays. Islamophobia isn't only spread over the people of other religions, it also has been contagious sickness to the moslem teenagers.

what emerges into my mind whenever I see the girls today is the question "how could I open these girls' mind?"
But I can't give up I know. I also can't step back or run.
These girls are ones to be saved.


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