Toko Muslimah Cantik

Knowing Yourself

How far do you know yourself?
what is your weakness
what's your power
what do you really want
what do you really have to do
your responsible
your right
what's going on inside your body
what's inside your head
why did you choose to do something or not to do

The matter is, how well you know yourself determines the choice of attitude you show to yourself and to others

two important points, physical and psychological details can be the opening step to go through you

My teacher ever said, the moeslem scientists who lived before us, liked to allocate their special time just to find out who they really were. And they did that since earlier of their life, that's why, when they grew up, they succeeded to live out of the box and finally led themselves to spectacular achievements, that it sometimes makes us wonder, were they really as normal human being as we are? they're just so extraordinary.

Among the sparkling stars, there were some stars which sparkle brighter, why don't we make ourselves to be the brighter ones?

wasn't it our prophet, Rasulullah, who had intiated a way to dive inside himself, that he liked to spare his time just to be alone, to find the answer of a question "why was I created?"


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