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Hmm..why woman is created in such a way that makes her so fond of exploring her feelings :ha?:

sometimes, I just don't like the feeling of jealousy or any kind of anger without any clear intention or rationale

woman is so easy to feel happy or excited, and therefore she's just too opened to be hurted and sad

but I thought, that's what makes woman stronger than man. I can't imagine if man has this kind of sensitivity, would they stand still to face the storm?

I've heard an expression.."it's not too difficult to recover your physical body..but it's much more difficult to cure a broken heart" cry hh..I'm just so sad


heri koesnadi said...

yah... persaan cewe emang susah di tebak, klo kata ikal, cewenya sendiri aja kadang gak tau gimana perasaannya apalagi orang lain...

thekupu said...

explore your feelings as free as the bird fly in the sky... but if it seems to be too high, come to my blog and be a butterfly ^_^

*cara promosi yang menarik*

Lisa Al Fath said...

hmm..betul juga kata kamu her..hanya cewe yang jujur sama dirinya sendiri yang benar-benar mengerti apa yang dia rasa dan pikir :)

Lisa Al Fath said...

I always come to your blog, sometimes it inspires me about a beautiful butterfly who tries to fly as high as bird ^_^

thekupu said...

nope... i am not trying to fly like a bird.. the bird follows me, but I can't reach, too high... so it keeps on my path ^_^ bird and butterfly, then fly together.. and they live happily ever after :p

*fairytale mode: on*

Lisa Al Fath said...

ha ye..! sape tu yang dengan relanye take the same path as dini? *mencurigakan
pake live happily ever after agik tu.. *makin menguatkan kecurigaan

thekupu said...

nah, itula die tu... kisah dongeng.

kan *fairytale mode: on*


:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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