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Reasons Why People Lie

Huh.. I don't really like to write this topic actually, but, however, this phenomenon can be interesting to discuss, right?

Why do people lie..?
Has anyone of you there ever made a lie..? (point your finger!)
that's a lie already..!

After reading some articles here, there, and somewhere else, I can conclude the 5 main reasons why people lie..

Here we go..

Mostly, people lie to protect themselves. These people are afraid of consequences. They just want to avoid punishment they deserve to get.

The second reason why people lie is to protect someone else. Is it a white lie?
Well, lie is a lie, no matter it's black or white, red or yellow, whatever the color is. When you have someone you love, and suddenly, she/he is in trouble, what would you do if the only thing that can save her/him is lie..
could there be that sort of thing??hmm..

To be liked. This is a bad thing guys! Are you trying to be someone else, wearing the mask and drown yourself in Cinderella gown? just to be liked by everyone else? However, it can be the first step of double personality symptom..

Fear of loss. Perhaps you have something that actually is not yours. The computer you use to browse, the headphone on your head, the clothes you wear, the shoes, pen, do you remember anything which is not yours?
But, lie because of fear of loss can also be a lie to avoid losing someone that is so precious.. it's another case.

The biggest and the worst lie is the lie to destruct others. Well, I could say that this is the worst lie ever. Can you imagine? for this kind of lie, there might be 2,500 people like you, died. What I meant here is the issue of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan. Did you really believe they really exist in Afghanistan?

Ha..ha..ha.. Bush got you punk'd!

In the end, guys, just to remind myself and you all my friends, that when we lie, we are the real victim in the first place. Lie makes you feel uncomfortable, afraid of one day it might revealed..

So, don't lie.. and refuse to be lied..!! long live anti-liars!!


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