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Psychological Test

:eheh:In the middle of my reading (for thesis purposes), suddenly something came out of my mind
idea..I remembered a psychological test (not a formal one, amateur-made) given by one of my friends..

She asked me "Hey sa! If one day you have to get into a jungle, then all of a sudden, you find a string on the way. What would you do with it?"

"Well, :ha?: it has nothing to do with, I think I would just leave it!" I said..

"hmm..:sigh: okay. Then, If on your way through the jungle, You see a lion.. what would you do?" She asked me again..

"What..? :galit: ..Of course I would get prepared!" I said it bravely..:anongnangyari:

She looked so proud too, while nodding her head she asked "Get prepared?"

"Yes! Get prepared to run! or at least, as fast as I can, I'd climb up a tree nearby!" :ahaha:
"Hhh... :tsk:" ....

"let's continue..after that.., you keep walking until finally you find a hut. Since you're so curious, You get into the hut.. In the hut, you see a table.. what do you think the form of the table is? is it rectangular, round, or triangle, or any form on you mind?"
"I think it would be a square one!"

"Okay, then.. how many chairs?"
I said "there are two chairs"

"You look around the house, you open the window and look out, what animal do you think you would see in the first place?" She asked again

"hmm.. I would see a rabbit..:blush:" I answered

she laughed smile "I see.. ! you decide to get out of the hut, take a little walk, and finally see a lake with some fresh water.. what would you do with it?"

:ha?:"I would just wash my face with it," I said

"That's all? you just wash your face? nothing more? you don't want to swim in it or anything else?" her laugh was getting louder :inis:

"Nope! I just need to wash my face, well...:yawn: maybe.. I'd play a bit and drink a little.."

"Okay! the test is finished! wink now, do you want to know the result?" she asked again :devilishgrin:

"she was quite suspicous" I thought.. then I said "so, what's the interpretation?"

"in the jungle, you saw a string right?" she said

straightly I answered "Yup!"
"and you didn't do anythin with the string :devilishgrin:..that means, if you face a little problem, you just ignore it, you don't even care about it"

"Ha? :argh:" I was surprised, "Is that true?" I asked,
I wasn't even sure to whom I asked that question, to her or to myself..

"then, you saw a lion, you ran! :inis: it shows that you always run from big problems!" She seemed so happy to hear that

:tsk: (me)

"next, in the hut, you saw a table, that table was square, that's what you thought, wasn't it?" :devilishgrin:she just kept laughing me! then she said "your way of thinking is linear, angular, rigid" :inis:

:waaah: "it can't be true!" I denied, hhh... but deep down, I knew that could be true

"the chairs you saw, there were two" she continued "that means you always share to other people, at least ONE friend of yours"

"well, not bad, hehehe" :sweaty: I relieved

"out of the window, you saw a rabbit" :devilishgrin:she started to laugh again "Rabit symbolized the type of man that you like, you like a cute funny man, right? just like a rabbit":inis:
there she laughed again..

:blush: (me)

She continued "Finally, when you walked out the hut, You found a lake with fresh air. This water repesented opportunity. What you did with the water showed how you're not really opportunist:devilishgrin: , I meant, you just don't really care with the opportunty existed in front of you" :inis:

:sweaty: "am I that bad?" I thought

anyway, It can be justified in some cases, I mean, I justified it.. some of them are true.. except at the part of "rabbit" represents my type, :ahaha: is it true or not? what do you think?

For psychologist who accidentally read this post, please don't get offended, I know this is not entirely valid. But, It's quite fun, we were bored in that afternoon, it refreshed us a bit :inlove:

You want to try it? :ahaha: just post your answer, I'll try to be a so-called psycologist :please:


thekupu said...

sista, i did not read your post, just get interested in ya pictca, it's me! haha.. not believe it? well, come here:

I post the pic so long time ago ^_^ hehe, what a wonderful butterfly, uh?

Lisa Al Fath said...

Hohoho..its yours? Okay..I'll change it..I also thought I've ever seen it before ^_^ is beautiful.. :)

thekupu said...

sure it is so much beautiful.. just like me :D

aha. then I finished reading the post, till I wrap up into a conclusion, that I am....

the rabbit, sooo cute :)) :s

heheh, anyway, im still me, thekupu... fly high, with a limitation from those who love me so no need to escape from the problems I should face and accomplish :o

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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