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War is not the only thing that needs strategy

Do you like to war? or perhaps you're quiet familiar with Sun Tzu?:ha?:

surely you don't. But I think everyone likes heroic stories:astig: sometimes they just give us inspiration to be as heroic as the hero we adore much.

*oh come on! I'm not going to write about heroism!*:ayokona:

sorry, I'm a bit weird lately:hilo:

*hahaha..this is fun! I just found these cute emoticons from another blog*

Hhh...:tsk: alright then, let's get to the point..

I read some books on writing this last three days. Really,this is not what I want, it's just the demand of my thesis, Thesis has turned my world into books :sigh:
However, it gives me many..many advantages. I just knew that there has been someone named Peter Levin who kindly wrote a book entitled "Write Great Essays".. He's so helpful to a student who's a bit allergic to academic writing like me..:blush:
He told me some strategies to read academic literatures that they can save me a lot of time reading. I don't know whether you feel it too, but what's been deep inside my heart, is that I always have a bad impression on academic books. They're just so scary, emerge some kind of terror in my heart..but sometimes, they become such good potion to have a nice sleep :sleep:

He said that before reading, we must know, why we choose the book that we read.. yeah, It doesn't make sense if you have finished reading, then you realize and and are questioning "why I read this book? :ha?: that's a bit too late I think..:sweaty:

Then, If you have the reason why you choose that book, be a detective! Make some questions about the book, treat them as your prey! be a starving wolf! :ahaha:

But remember one thing, be a smart detective. You don't need to spell all the words written on that book. Don't delicate yourself by looking at the book line by line, it's thorny.

You just need to check the first chapter of the book and the last one. The writer usually tells the reader what the book is about in the first chapter, and the conclusion or the summary in the last chapter. (But, not all kinds of book have this characteristic, however, most academic books would)

If you want to write a good essay, 'eat' as many books as you can, of course after you have done proper selection on books which are really related to your issue. Just do as the way I have explained previously :lamagawa:

Finally, make some notes from the books you've read .:antok: Don't forget, give clear notes of source for every sentences you cited from the books.
After you make the notes (cited from the various books) try to paraphrase it.
I mean.. just translate the notes (which are still written using the language of the real author). Translate them into the language that you can understand.

When you want to include them into your essay, you can use some academic terms replacing some words that you have used in your notes before.

Hmm..:yawn: I know this would be a boring job. But believe me, reading would make your life broader and more exciting! :okay:

In sum, now you know, that it's not only war that needs strategy :inis:
Reading does too!

Okay, I hope this is useful for you. By the way, are you still awake?'re not :tsk:


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