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Truth about me (only half)

I will tell you several things which are half true about me..

I always have bad feelings on people I just knew,
that's why, it's hard for me to be talk active to new comers

I'm sick, I'm counting my days to death..

I'm in love, really in love, that it makes my head feels spinned around and around

I'm a good listener, but I don't like to be a listener

I always watch people around me, I make comparison, just to find the true me, but most of the time, I get lost..

Jealousy is something built in, I can't handle it

I'm a photography maniac, but I'm not good at it

Whenever I'm down, I just want to escape, as far away as possible, to my dream land, start over..

I always smile at people, but I often wonder, why some of them keep asking me to smile more, I thought that perhaps I look so crusty

I like to use comma and many dots in my writing... (I don't know what's the point of this sentence ^_^v)

I don't like someone who's fond of arguing someone else, it sucks

I like to write, but I'm always afraid of what people might think about me

I'm loyal to anyone I'm told to be..

I like Japan, I want to live there after I finish my study here..

Well, I think it's enough. So.. can you guess which ones are true and half true..? ;)


:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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