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The Truth about Me (Revelation)

hey..hey..hey.. don't go anywhere..! stay tune! I know you may think this is not important :D

well.., still.., It's interesting to find out the answer of my previous post

Truth number uno:
"I always have bad feelings on people I just knew,
that's why, it's hard for me to be talk active to new comers"
This is half true, the truth is I always felt that way, but now I don't. My friends have taught me many things about friendship. So.., newcomer? Not a big deal!

Truth number two:
"I'm sick, I'm counting my days to death.."
yeah..this one is true, I'm sick! I mean, I'm not healthy in many ways, physically and psychologically (it doesn't mean I'm insane :P). I'm so lazy to do sport, that makes me sick physically, moreover, I consume nearly everything that tastes good to me :D
I'm psychologically sick. That means, my heart is always full of unimportant things to think..!
"I'm counting my days to death.." well.. everyone is..!!

Truth number three:
"I'm in love, really in love, that it makes my head feels spinned around and around"
This is ABSOLUTELY true!
ha..ha..ha.. don't think I'm in love with a man! (or am I? )
Actually, I'm in love with my organization, a place where I meet incredible people, They're so Young and Hustle!! (Go LSK!GO!!) :D
but, what makes my head spinned is, that I must be off from LSK for a moment, until I finish my thesis. I should have graduated my study a year ago :( thesis makes me dizzy, but I know I can, Gambatte ne!!

Truth number four:
"I'm a good listener, but I don't like to be a listener" this is half true
I mean..yeah, I'm a good listener, sometimes I feel so glad that my friends trust me to listen to them, but when I'm not in a good mood, then I'm not in a good shape to be a listener , I thought you would agree with me, wouldn't you?

Truth number five:
"I always watch people around me, I make comparison, just to find the true me, but most of the time, I get lost.." is half true, I don't always get lost, It happens sometimes, when I lose my confidence.. that's normal, right?

Truth number six:
"Jealousy is something built in, I can't handle it"
this is bad! but it's true.

Truth number seven:
"I'm a photography maniac, but I'm not good at it"
well..well..well.. I like photography, but I'm not maniac!
I just like it, and I'm not really good at it

Truth number eight:
"Whenever I'm down, I just want to escape, as far away as possible, to my dream land, start over.."
I always feel this, but I'm trying to cope with it..don't worry!

Truth number nine:
"I always smile at people, but I often wonder, why some of them keep asking me to smile more, I thought that perhaps I look so crusty"
This fact sometimes pisses me off! but maybe, it's little hard for me to keep smiling.. I mean..what would people say if I keep smiling whether or not anyone exists in front of me.. (isn't it a bit weird if you smile to no one? normal people would consider you as abnormal one)

Truth number ten:
"I like to use comma and many dots in my writing... (I don't know what's the point of this sentence ^_^v)"
hmm..this is true.. just to make my writing dramatic (I'm not sure whether it works or not ^_^v)

Truth number eleven:
"I don't like someone who's fond of arguing someone else, it sucks"
I thought you couldn't agree more..hohoho.. no one likes stubborn people!

Truth number twelve:
"I like to write, but I'm always afraid of what people might think about me"

Truth number thirteen:
"I'm loyal to anyone I'm told to be.."
true, but sometimes it has bad impact too, I become a bit less objective in seeing things, hmm.. I'll try to improve it!

Truth number fourteen:
"I like Japan, I want to live there after I finish my study here.."
this is half true, coz I'm still after it!


thekupu said...

"I like to write, but I'm always afraid of what people might think about me"

aha, it's not really me.. what a wonderful world when writing can be something to express our idea by escaping what people will say about me behind my back! that's the most interesting point for me, since they may be giving their contribution, when gossiping or predicting about what happen to me, just referring to what I am writing... Their contribution is: they are decreasing the number of my sins which have been recorded by the angel ;)

"I'm still after it"

still what? still single? or still need husband? gyehehe...

Lisa Al Fath said...

"I'm still after it"

that means I'm still chasing it (my dream to go to Japan) ms. Dini.. :P

the truth is, I'm still single, that's why I need a husband, hohoho..I thought every single does. Do you?

thekupu said...

sure I do... really really do...

Lisa Al Fath said...

wah..wah.."really-really do" nya itu perlu di underlined, trus dibold dan diitalic kan..hehehe..some kind of emphasis gitu

thekupu said...


*senang sekali ternyata memang ya membuat orang bertanyatanya gyehehe*

:f :D :) ;;) :x :$ x( :?
:@ :~ :| :)) :( :s :(( :o

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