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Where does Freedom End?

Everyone likes the word "Free".
I know, even you won't deny that (will you?:D)

What do you think if you're free to do anything you want?
If you are a student, then you are free to present anytime you are in the mood.

You are an activist, feel free to not go home, you may come whenever you feel you need to.
If there are many rides parked outside the mall, take whichever attracts you.
Or if you meet many kinds of man or woman, you can choose whoever you like to be your spouse, then when it comes to boredom, you can replace her/him with another one, leave the other

I wonder, what kind of life would that be? One thing for sure, we can live that way! IF.. we are the only person expected in this world.

Yes, our freedom is limited by others'

But if we think deeply, this life is all about freedom.

People work really hard, to get as much money as possible, so that they can live freely as an economic human being.

My mother cooks, to be free from hunger

even a little baby tries so hard to walk, stumble and fall, just to be free to go anywhere he likes to go. This desire is so strong that it doesn't make him give up..(can you imagine if we gave up walking?)

And the most certain thing in the world, death, is one way chosen by some people to free themselves from troubles in life.. (well, I don't suggest you to choose this one)

Finally, I put my huge admiration on people who run after the death for freedom to see their God. Who are they?

They are Mujahideen


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